Keep it Classy, Keep it Simple.

Keep it Classy, Keep it Simple.

I decided to put an outfit together which encompasses both sex appeal whilst still offering a simple but classy look. I think this is the perfect look to channel a Scarlet woman and by this I mean someone who encompasses a ‘stand out from the crowed’.

Items in this picture: Christian Louboutins Pigalle £2,115, LLeana Makri Champagne dimonds £12,315, Clarins Prodige True Colour shine £15, Dress celeb boutique £125.

Now the items in this picture are not as affordable or accessible to most. Therefore, I have put together some ways we can all accomplish this look (thats if you want to of course).

Bodycon dress – can be found on ebay, Celeb boutique, Asos, Dorothy perkins and now most high street stores.

Red lipstick- instead of Clarins, you can find this colour in Rimmel, L’O Real, 17 and Smashbox.

Shoes- Aldo, Newlook, or you can glue rhinestones onto a pair of old shoes using a glue gun.

Nail Varnish- Kiko I have found to be an excellent non-chip nail varnish, as well as OPI and Barry M.

Earings- Forever 21, Asos,

Full Look Approx: £150.00

Hope you like this post

Jasper xoxo

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MUA Nail constellations



Tried and tested Christmas and NYE nails perfect for evening glitz and glamour.

Just like everything else our nails are another important aspect we use to express ourself. These quirky new nail beads are a fantastic way to spice up an evening, day or a summer holiday outfit. It comes in 4 different colours, the fourth being a black with mint extract.  The multiple coloured beads allow for variation ensuring you the chance to choose from a handful of nail varnishes to match.

How does it work?


  • Nail varnish remover (if needed)
  • Buffer (not essential but ensure a smooth finish)
  • Nail file.
  • Nail varnish of choice and a clear top coat polish.
  • Nail constellation (colour of your choice).
  • bowl.
  1. start by filing your nails to your own preference (square, round, stilleto)
  2. using the buffer, start with the roughest side first continuing clockwise until nail is smooth and shiny.
  3. paint all nails including your chosen fingers that the constellation will be put on (first coat)
  4. paint all nails for the second coat excluding your chosen fingers.
  5. leave to dry
  6. with your chosen nails, paint your second coat on top, holding your hand over the bowl.
  7. begin to sprinkle the constellation on top until the nail is covered.
  8. leave to dry, tapping your nail on the side of the bowl to flick of any excess beads.
  9. finish with a top coat to seal the beads over.
  10. ready for your night out!

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Spikes and statement jewellery

Modelled by Moi, an insight into key pieces sweeping stores today.Jewellery pieces from High Street Mega stores Topshop, Newlook, H&M.

Todays High street stores are filled with the latest collections in clothing, accessories and jewellery. This Autum/Winters collections have been high in edgy statement pieces such as studs, spikes and ancient gold metals.

Best Part:

The best part of having a jewellery box filled with different bold pieces is that they can spice up any plain old outfit with the touch of a bracelet ring or necklace. Spikes are a brilliant way of making a dull outfit seem more edgy and rock chick, whereas a stack of bracelets can glam up any outfit.

will be posting lots more of my key finds…

Jasper xoxo

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Black and Burgundy Leather

Black Leather trousers (H&M)

Leather is one of this seasons most essential AW pieces. With designers such as Michael Korrs, Red Valentino and DKNY all supporting the tight leather pant , this wardrobe essential has become accessible to everyone. You can now find similar leggings/trousers in Highstreet stores such as Newlook, H&M and Topshop for a fraction of the price providing the same look without hurting your wallet.


They can be worn during the day to spice up a casual outfit as well as the evening for a more fierce and sexy look. There are many colours now available each having the same ‘wear-ability’ . For example, the wine coloured H&M leather pants is as almost as versatile as a pair of black leather leggings and can be worn with sheer shirts, camisoles and batwing tops.

Burgundy leather trousers (H&M)

How to find the right pair?

My top tip of finding the right pair of leather trousers is to find a pair that have zips and buttons to ensure that the leggings reach the top of the waistline, this ensures that they do not fall down as easy.

Please note, the picture used below has not been captured by anyone at Allthingsspectacular blogsite. 

xoxo Jasper

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Hello world!

Welcome to  The All things Spectacular blog, this is where we can openly discuss popular tastes and trends, hot topics and most of all, things that are spectacular. I hope you enjoy visiting the site, occasionally we will use pictures that have been taken from other fabulous sites and will state these when necessary.

Happy blogging!

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