Black and Burgundy Leather

Black Leather trousers (H&M)

Leather is one of this seasons most essential AW pieces. With designers such as Michael Korrs, Red Valentino and DKNY all supporting the tight leather pant , this wardrobe essential has become accessible to everyone. You can now find similar leggings/trousers in Highstreet stores such as Newlook, H&M and Topshop for a fraction of the price providing the same look without hurting your wallet.


They can be worn during the day to spice up a casual outfit as well as the evening for a more fierce and sexy look. There are many colours now available each having the same ‘wear-ability’ . For example, the wine coloured H&M leather pants is as almost as versatile as a pair of black leather leggings and can be worn with sheer shirts, camisoles and batwing tops.

Burgundy leather trousers (H&M)

How to find the right pair?

My top tip of finding the right pair of leather trousers is to find a pair that have zips and buttons to ensure that the leggings reach the top of the waistline, this ensures that they do not fall down as easy.

Please note, the picture used below has not been captured by anyone at Allthingsspectacular blogsite. 

xoxo Jasper


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  1. Nice post and tipsm, plus I have the second shirt and I lovee it!!


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